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A review of Oneiron

We just finished the performance season of our latest production Oneiron. The performances went extremely well, with all of 16 performances and one extra show presented to sold-out audiences in Helsinki.

Review of Oneiron in Teatteri & Tanssi (Theatre & Dance magazine)

Helsinki, Finland, January 2018

Oneiron is a breathtaking requiem

My first reaction to Valtteri Raekallio’s work Oneiron was terror. How can Laura Lindstedt’s novel, about the meeting of seven women in post-death limbo, be translated into a dance piece? The thick novel submerges the reader into a verbal avalanche of the stories of the women from different cultures, even to the point of exhaustion. Likewise, the two-and-a-half-hour duration of Raekallio’s piece felt megalomaniacal, since even the familiar one-hour format of contemporary dance requires so much material and skill to pull off successfully.

I was completely wrong. The dance work Oneiron is, in a word, breathtaking, with neither too much nor too little of anything. It is a  contemporary dance work crafted with exceptional skill, a requiem for six dancers. In Raekallio’s Oneiron, words become flesh, and the women’s stories are transformed into explosive dances that transgress the expected limits of mind and movement.

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018) Photo: Stefan Bremer

What is death? What happens to us when we face it? What do we want to remember of time before we cease to exist? All of this sounds very abstract, but the three-part dramaturgical structure of Oneiron is so secure that in the end, when we leave our shared encounter with death, everything is crystal clear, both life and death.

Oneiron succeeds in illuminating the dark spots from which we want to turn our gaze. Even though the piece contains very brutal scenes, it does not aim to shock. The work’s message of life and death is, in the end, gentle. The stage is stripped to its essence, Jukka Huitila’s light design guides us from mood to mood, and the polyphonic soundscape finds its climax in Schubert’s intense piano sonata. Laura Lindstedt’s text weaves itself naturally into the interlocking patterns of this theatre of the mind.

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer

Raekallio’s work fulfils the basic requirement of art – that of being multi-layered. In addition to death, this is a piece about life. Towards the end, Shlomith, the performance artist of the novel, says:

“I make perfomances, it is my job to go to limits that are uncomfortable, even dangerous. But I never hurt anyone else, possibly just myself.” At the end of the book, she asks: “Why does art demand everything that it takes from those that make it, and what does it give back? Death?”

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer

Raekallio’s work demands all from its dancers. Virtuosity is a pale word to describe the level of this ensemble. The present-in-the-moment, partly improvisatory choreography demands superpowers of muscles, joints, bones, nerves and the mind. Jonna Aaltonen, Krista-Julia Arppo, Annamari Keskinen, Mirva Mäkinen, Eero Vesterinen and Valtteri Raekallio demonstrate what movement is capable of. They dance as if in free fall, ever deeper, towards the revelation of the core of existence. Exhausted over two hours, they run for their lives, until they collapse – all is fulfilled.

Death is the most inexplicable thing in life. This is the mystery that Valtteri Raekallio’s Oneiron succeeded in illuminating, in a way that is simultaneously fragile and secure. At the same time, this work raises the bar of Finnish contemporary dance, for others to follow.

-Raisa Rauhamaa

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018) Photo: Stefan Bremer

Valtteri Raekallio receives the Uusimaa Regional Art Prize 2017!

The Uusimaa Regional Arts Council has granted Valtteri Raekallio its annual artists’ award for diverse and impacting artistic work.

In its decision on the award, the arts council commended Raekallio’s distinctive, socially relevant and timely performances that combine various expressive means – dance, physical theatre, text, sound, image and spatial design – in a natural way.  

Valtteri Raekallio has risen rapidly to the forefront of Finnish contemporary dance. His performances are artistically refined, professionally controlled chaotic situations, which destabilize the traditional way of looking at a performance.

Raekallio also bases his work on the principles of immersive and participatory performance practices, allowing the viewer to choose what they are seeing and experiencing, and for how long.

Uudenmaan taidepalkinto tanssija, koreografi Valtteri Raekalliolle

Uudenmaan taidetoimikunta palkitsi tanssitaiteilija Valtteri Raekallion monimuotoisesta ja vaikuttavasta taiteellisesta työstä. Palkinto on 5 000 euroa, ja se maksetaan veikkausvoittovaroista.

Toimikunta perusteli palkintoa seuraavasti:

Tanssitaiteilija Valtteri Raekallio (s. 1982) luo omanlaistaan, yhteiskunnallista ja ajankohtaista esitystaidetta, jossa erilaiset ilmaisukeinot – tanssi, fyysinen teatteri, teksti, ääni, kuva ja tilataide – yhdistyvät luontevasti. Raekallio soveltaa töissään osallistavan esityskokemuksen periaatteita ja antaa katsojan valita, mitä tämä näkee ja kokee ja kuinka pitkään.

Teoksessaan Neuromaani (2016) Raekallio rikkoi esitystapahtuman konventioita, mikä näkyi ennakkomainonnasta yleisön vastaanottoon ja esitystilan valintaan. Marian sairaalassa yleisö oli samanaikaisesti keskellä tuttua ja tuntematonta. Esityksen aistielämyksiin kuului myös haju.

Raekallion teokset ovat taiteellisesti ammattitaitoisia ja viimeisteltyjä, hallitun kaoottisia tilanteita, jotka horjuttavat perinteistä tapaa katsoa esitystä yksin omalta paikaltaan. Sairaalan lisäksi Raekallio on rakentanut ryhmineen maailmoja esimerkiksi maanalaiseen pommisuojaan, hylättyyn kulttuurikeskukseen ja varastorakennukseen.

Valtteri Raekallio on lyhyessä ajassa noussut suomalaisen tanssitaiteen kärkeen. Hänen tanssiryhmänsä Raekallio Corp työllistää myös muita tanssijoita.

Lue lisää:




Taiteellinen suunnittelu ja toteutus: Valtteri Raekallio

Esiintyjät: Jonna Aaltonen, Krista-Julia Arppo, Annamari Keskinen, Mirva Mäkinen, Eero Vesterinen ja Valtteri Raekallio

Ihminen irrotettuna omasta elämästään, kuolemanjälkeisessä välitilassa, josta ei voi paeta. Aika on lakannut olemasta; henkilöiden tarinat ja liikekielet kohtaavat toisensa ja kietoutuvat yhteen, paljastaen itsestään ja toisistaan uusia kerroksia, ja lopulta yhdistyen matkaksi ihmisyyden pienimmän yhteisen nimittäjän, kuoleman äärelle.

Valtteri Raekallion kuudelle tanssijalle koreografioima kokoillan teos perustuu Laura Lindstedtin Finlandia-palkittuun romaaniin, ja vie katsojan huiman fyysiselle, moniaistilliselle kokemusmatkalle.

Cirkon maneesi sijaitsee Helsingin Suvilahdessa osoitteessa: Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (rakennus 8). YHTEYSTIEDOT



Cold Storage reaches 100 festival selections!

Cold Storage reaches 100 festival selections!

Cold Storage has received its 100th international festival selection at the Ekadeshma International Short Film Festival (, held in Kathmandu, Nepal next month. In the meantime, we have been also grateful to have received 11 awards along the way as well as sales to multiple channels around the world. A big thanks once again to all of our audiences and festival programmers worldwide, as well as to our festival distribution agency Aug & Ohr ( and sales agent Yle Sales ( for the terrific support. Here’s to the next one hundred!

Cold Storage hits 80th festival selection!

Cold Storage hits 80th festival selection

Cold Storage, 2016

Cold Storage has been doing nicely on the international festival circuit, with 9 awards and 80 festival selections to date. Recent festivals to program the film include the Melbourne International Film Festival, HollyShorts in Hollywood, California, BUSHO Budapest Short International Film Festival, and several dance film festivals such as San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema and American Dance Festival’s Movies by Movers. Many thanks to all our audience members and festival programmers worldwide!

Full list of awards and publicly announced festival selections (per August 21 2017):


Press Jury Special Mention, Festival du film insolite 2016, Rennes-le-château, France

Shorts TV Award, Brest European Short Film Festival 2016, Brest, France

Award for Best Film, FIVER International Dancefilm Competition 2017, La Rioja, Spain

Standard Vision Showcase Award for Artistic Merit, LA Dance Film Festival 2017, Los Angeles, USA

Grand Prize & Audience Award, The 4th Annual N.C. Triad Choreography Showcase: An Evening of Dance on Film 2017, Graham, NC, USA

Audience Winner International, Der phantastische Trashfilm 2017, Kassel, Germany

Honorary Jury Mention, Kolkata Shorts International Festival 2017, Kolkata, India

Award of Excellence, One-Reeler Short Film Competition 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Rehearsals for Oneiron started!

One of the best feelings as a choreographer… Starting rehearsals with a dream team of dancers, after 16 months of preproduction and planning!

Oneiron, a performance based on the book by Laura Lindstedt will premiere in Helsinki, January 2018… Stay tuned!

Dancers: Mirva Mäkinen, Krista Arppo, Jonna Aaltonen, Annamari Keskinen ja Eero Vesterinen

Tilastot / 2016 / Statistics

Auri Ahola kokoaa tilastoja
Neuromaani – Photo: Valtteri Raekallio

Toimintavuonna 2016 Raekallio Corp. esityksissä kävi 6 230 katsojaa, joista valtaosa Helsingissä, mutta myös: Espoossa, Vantaalla, Oulussa, Pyhäjärvellä, Kostromassa sekä Manilassa. Ryhmä maksoi palkkoja noin 45 000 €. Valtionavustusta ryhmä sai 20 000 € ja tukea Helsingin kaupungilta 3 000 €.

Suuri kiitos kaikille katsojille, tanssijoille, työryhmälle, tukijoille ja yhteistyökumppaneille! Lisätietoa toimintavuoden 2016 tilastoista alta.

Scroll down for some statistics from 2016… Oh yea!


Vuoden 2016 toiminnan tilastot


Esitys – A Performance (19.2.2016)

Neuromaani (19.8.2016)


Esityskerrat Suomessa: 45

Esityskerrat ulkomailla: 5


Katsojat Suomessa: 5 046

Katsojat ulkomailla: 1 184


Tapahtumakerrat: 19

Osallistujamäärä: 576



Pääsylipputulot ja esityspalkkiot: 39 386,26 €

Muut oman toiminnan tulot: 20 398,00

Valtion toimintaavustus: 20 000,00

Kunnan avustus + vuokraavustus: 3 000,00

Muut avustukset: 18 500,00

Tulot yhteensä: 101 284,26 €


Henkilöstömenot: 45 379,07

Kiinteistömenot: 6 415,00

Toimintamenot: 42 677,95

Menot yhteensä: 94 472,02 €

Tilikauden tulos: 6 812,24 €


Some statistics from 2016


Esitys – A Performance (19.2.2016)

Neuromaani (19.8.2016)


Number of performances in Finland: 45

Number of performances abroad: 5


Number of spectators in Finland: 5 046

Number of spectators abroad: 1 184


Number of events: 19

Number of participants: 576



Ticket revenues and performance fees: 39 386,26 €

Other incomes: 20 398,00

State aid: 20 000,00

Municipal aid: 3 000,00

Other support: 18 500,00

Total Income: 101 284,26 €


Personnel costs: 45 379,07

Real property costs: 6 415,00

Other costs: 42 677,95

Total costs: 94 472,02 €

Result in accounting period: 6 812,24 €

Neuromaani julistekuva

Thank you Kazan!

Thank you Kazan, Russia for inviting us to your festival to give the 52nd performance of the duet Where Does the Light Go?

And a special thanks to Panther Chamber Ballet for the opportunity teach and the great energy in the workshop! It was truly a pleasure!