Cold Storage – dance film

Cold Storage

Cold Storage is a short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. As a lonely ice fisherman discovers his frozen prehistoric soul brother in the ice, multiple levels of time and reality blend together into a cinematic and kinetic exploration of alienation, dependency and friendship.

Cold Storage (2016), Eero Vesterinen & Valtteri Raekallio
Cold Storage (2016), Eero Vesterinen & Valtteri Raekallio

Direction and cinematography: Thomas Freundlich
Choreography: Valtteri Raekallio
Performers: Eero Vesterinen & Valtteri Raekallio
Music: Kimmo Pohjonen
Editor: Jukka Nykänen
Production designer: Aino Koski
Costume designer: Venla Takkinen
Producer: Aino Halonen

Production support: Finnish Film Foundation (SES), YLE, Loikka dance film festival (more info in Finnish here: SES)

Duration: 8:45
Premiere: Loikka festival, Helsinki, Finland April 7th 2016
Screening formats: 2K DCP, 4K DCP, HD 1080p, UHD 2140p

Produced by Lumikinos Production Oy /
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Concept art: Aino Koski
Concept art: Aino Koski