Valtteri Raekallio’s evening-length dance work for six dancers, based on the Finlandia award winning novel by Laura Lindstedt, takes the audience on a breathtaking multisensory journey.

Premiere: 18.1.2018 Helsinki, Finland

Duration: 90 minutes (+ optional 30 minutes for light dinner/soup)

Next performance: December 13th 2018 at ICE HOT Reykjavik!

A person separated from their own life, in a post-death limbo from which there is no escape. Time has ceased to exist; the stories and movement languages of people meet and intertwine, revealing new layers of each other; joining finally into a shared communion facing the smallest common denominator of all humanity – death itself.

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron / Photo: Stefan Bremer
Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer

Valtteri Raekallio’s production for six dancers is based on the Finlandia award winning novel by Laura Lindstedt, one of Finland’s most acclaimed contemporary fiction authors. Oneiron combines site-specific performance art, a walk-through radio play, a virtuosic stage-based ensemble dance piece and communal dinner into a single evening-length experience that explores the world of the novel from multiple viewpoints, taking the audience on a stunningly physical multisensory journey.

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018) Photo: Stefan Bremer

“The dance work Oneiron is, in a word, breathtaking, with neither too much nor too little of anything. It is a  contemporary dance work crafted with exceptional skill, a requiem for six dancers. In Raekallio’s Oneiron, words become flesh, and the women’s stories are transformed into explosive dances that transgress the expected limits of mind and movement.”

“Raekallio’s work demands all from its dancers. Virtuosity is a pale word to describe the level of this ensemble. The present-in-the-moment, partly improvisatory choreography demands superpowers of muscles, joints, bones, nerves and the mind.”

“Death is the most inexplicable thing in life. This is the mystery that Valtteri Raekallio’s Oneiron succeeded in illuminating, in a way that is simultaneously fragile and secure. At the same time, this work raises the bar of Finnish contemporary dance, for others to follow.”

-Raisa Rauhamaa

Review of Oneiron in Teatteri & Tanssi (Theatre & Dance magazine), Helsinki, Finland, January 2018

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Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer




Artistic concept and realization:  Valtteri Raekallio

Choreography:  Valtteri Raekallio and the dancers

Dancers: Jonna Aaltonen, Krista-Julia Arppo,

Annamari Keskinen, Mirva Mäkinen,

Eero Vesterinen and Valtteri Raekallio

Text: Laura Lindstedt

Lighting design: Jukka Huitila

Set design: Aino Koski & Virpi Nieminen

Sound design of  the radio play: Aki Päivärinne

Additional sound design: Atte Kantonen ja Tuomas Norvio

Videomaterial: Thomas Freundlich

Production coordinator: Riikka Laurilehto

Production intern:  Saara Sorvali

Executive producer: Valtteri Raekallio

Production:  Raekallio Corp. / Pohjoinen liike ry

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer


Published in North America, Great Britain and Australia by Oneworld Publications, 2018.

Original text copyright © Laura Lindstedt, 2015. English translation copyright © Owen Witesman, 2018.

English edition published by agreement with Laura Lindstedt and Elina Ahlback Literary Agency, Helsinki, Finland.

Raekallio Corp: Oneiron (2018)
Photo: Stefan Bremer