Rehearsal on Love – a piece for two dancers

“An amateur is generally held to be the opposite of the professional, and a widespread standard of professionalism is that a salary is paid for the work being done. The word ‘amateur’ derives from the latin verb amare, to love. Amator, literally ‘lover’, refers to the fact that the amateur may have a more passionate (that, is, more passionate than the professional) relationship to his or her interests.

Rehearsal on Love is, by definition, an amateur work, a fact of which I am very proud.”


Concept and realization: Valtteri Raekallio

Performers: Mirva Mäkinen & Eero Vesterinen

Duration: 30 min

Production:  Raekallio Corp. / Pohjoinen liike ry and K&C Kekäläinen & Company

Contact: +358 50 355 6553,

Photography and video recording is not allowed.

Thanks: Familys and friends, Sanna Kekäläinen, Thomas Freundlich

Valtteri Raekallio has worked as dancer with leading international and Finnish choreographers in over 60 productions in 34 countries. He has danced in contemporary dance works, operas, theatre productions and dance films. Raekallio was a member of Helsinki Dance Company from 2006 to 2014. Since 2001, he has danced in 14 works choreographed by Tommi Kitti. Currently he is working as a dancer for Ina Christel Johannessen in Norway.

Raekallio´s choreographic work reaches from multi-disciplinary, immersive site-specific works such as Short Stories from Forgotten Rooms (2015), The Representative (2014) and Where Does the Light Go? (2013) to dance films of different approaches: Fear is a Habit (2014), Sub Terra (2014) and Waiting Song (2013).

Valtteri Raekallio is currently working under a three-year grant from the Finnish CulturalFoundation.