Starting a new creation: Audience


Audience is a wide-ranging portrayal of our time that is saturated with finance, social media representation and technology. In the immersive work, the viewer encounters a bird of freedom turned into a robot; selfies turn into pictures of the dead; and money has become the only official language of our century-old society, as well as the rallying point of all our gatherings and thoughts. The expressive means of the work move fluidly between strong physical dance, hybrid poetry, conceptual art and meticulous spatial design. In the piece, the body meets language, the audience meets the performers, and representation meets the audience.

Choreography: Valtteri Raekallio

Text: Eino Santanen

Performers: Annamari Keskinen, Eero Vesterinen, Eino Santanen & Valtteri Raekallio

Premiere: November 15th 2018, Helsinki