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  • Raekallio Corp.

Raekallio Corp. awarded the Finland Prize!

Finland's Minister of Science and Culture Hanna Kosonen has awarded Raekallio Corp. the 2019 Finland Prize (Suomi-palkinto). The Finland Prize is an annual award of 21,625 euros, granted since 1993 to Finnish artists and ensembles in various fields. 

The award is decided by the Minister of Science and Culture, supported by the Suomi Award jury. Upon granting the award, Minister Kosonen commended Raekallio Corp. for the company's immersive, multisensory productions that lead the viewer from the role of passive audience member to active participant. 

This year's other recipients of the Suomi Award are photographer and director Marja Helander; circus artist and choreographer Ilona Jäntti; conductor Klaus Mäkelä; designer, professor Pirjo Kääriäinen; the poetry collective Helsinki Poetry Connection; the Lainsuojattomat theatre festival; the Ruskeat tytöt media and the Amos Rex art movement.

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